Alexandra Daddario vs. Lili Simmons vs. Michelle Monaghan: “True Detective” Ass Battle

The first season of HBO’s hit series “True Detective” featured quite the collection of whores, with Alexandra Daddario, Lili Simmons, and Michelle Monaghan all baring their bulbous nude backsides on camera. But at the end of the day which ass reigned supreme?

Michelle Monaghan ass

First lets take a look at Michelle Monaghan’s ass from the left frame. She certainly appears to possess a handful of booty meat back there, but how much exactly is obscured by the man’s hands pawing and lifting her cheeks.

Lili Simmons ass

The next frame features Lili Simmons checking her rump out in the mirror. Of the three asses Lili’s certainly appears to be the most sturdy, but the fact that she seems to be in love with it calls into question the elasticity of her anus hole, for she is definitely a “backdoor beauty”.

Alexandra Daddario ass

Lastly we get to see Alexandra Daddario’s nude ass as she bends over. As she is taller than the other girls, Alexandra’s ass is certainly longer, leaner, and weaker by appearance. However, with that said it probably has the most potential of the bunch, and would blossom into an acceptable round turd cutter if her hindquarters were put on a strict regime of back-breaking field work.

If a winner must be chosen I would go with Lili Simmons’ ass. For all my years working the Riyadh slave market has sharpened my senses, and I can tell that her dumper is the most likely to be able to pull the plow by day and take a vigorous plowing at night.