Will This Be The Year That Bella Thorne Finally Gets Naked?

Bella Thorne topless

As we all know former Disney star Bella Thorne has taken online attention whoring and cock teasing to unprecedented levels, as she has been constantly flaunting her tits (in photos like the ones above) and ass (in videos like the one below) for years now.

However, will 2018 be the year that Bella Thorne stops her trashy tormenting and finally gets completely naked?

Let us hope so! For as you can see in the video clip above and photos below, in recent months Bella has undergone a miraculous transformation and she now looks less like a meth addicted tranny hooker than she has in years.

Bella Thorne

Of course Bella won’t be able to keep this revitalization of her looks going for long, as the hard partying, hard drugs, and hard sex will once again take their toll. So let us pray that Bella gets naked sooner rather than later, so that she can fade away into irrelevance and overdose in peace.