Britney Spears In Concert Nipple Slip

Britney Spears ass

Decrepit elderly pop star whore Britney Spears’ saggy titty pops out of her top exposing her withered old nipple while performing in concert in the video below.

At the advanced age of 35-years-old and with all that geriatric jiggling of her flabby flesh Britney was just asking for trouble, and it was only a matter of time until something slipped out of place. Of course us Muslims were praying that it would be Britney’s hip bone that would pop out and finish off her degenerate career once and for all, but our prayers have yet to be answered.

Britney Spears splits

Unfortunately Britney Spears is a committed slutty senior citizen who trains hard (as you can see in the photo above) to hold together her rapidly deteriorating body, so that she can continue prostituting it onstage in front of her dwindling fanbase.

Britney Spears abs

Thank Allah that someone has branded Britney’s pussy box with a couple of “X” tattoos to warn men to keep away from her dusty dried up lady bits, just in case one is fooled by Britney’s taut stomach and gratuitous makeup into thinking she is a woman of proper breeding age.