Jessica Alba Topless Cell Phone Pics Leaked

Jessica Alba

Topless cell phone pics of a barely pregnant Jessica Alba have just been leaked to the Internet.

Even though Jessica Alba is pregnant in these leaked pictures her tits still look great. After years of waiting patiently for Jessica Alba to finally start showing some skin the past few months have been booming with hot Jessica Alba nearly nakedness.

Of course once again we here at Celeb Jihad called these Jessica Alba pics being leaked. I wrote just 2 weeks ago, “As Jessica Alba gets more and more desperate to regain her lost fame, I expect to see more and more of her vag. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a Jessica Alba sex tape were to appear some time in the very near future.”

You see no one understands the corrupt celebrity infidel mind better than us here at Celeb Jihad. Celebrities are just whores for the Zionists and their behavior is easily predictable once you realize this truth.

Jessica Alba is no longer a sex symbol so she will continue to leak photos like these, do nude scenes, and stage upskirts to try and reignite her dwindling career. It is just how the Zionist celebrity machine works, so enjoy these pictures of a topless Jessica Alba and rest assured there will be more to come.


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