Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Issue 2014 Outtakes

Kate Upton outtakes

Kate Upton’s outtakes from the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue are out, and they are as horrible as one would imagine.

Look at the photos below of Kate’s nearly exposed bulbous breasts and shapely round ass, boring! Would it have killed SI to spice up the shoot with something new and innovative? Perhaps a few shots with Kate pressing an IED between her tits, or smiling coyly with the top of a pressure cooker bomb poking out of her butt. Now that would be some erotic stuff!

Of course the homoqueers at Sports Illustrated lack both the creative vision and righteousness to get the most out of a Kate Upton bikini photo shoot. You better believe if it had been a Muslim behind the camera, Kate would have been seductively bent over with her breasts heaving as she saws the head off of a Jew. In fact that photo would probably have made the cover.

Kate Upton GIF

*Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Kate Upton GIF above instead