Taylor Swift Attempts Being Sexy

Taylor Swift sexy

Taylor Swift attempts being sexy by showing her bra and by bending over at the waist in the pictures below from photo shoots for Vogue and NME magazines.

Seeing Taylor contort her gangling awkward body into various “sexy” poses in these photos is both pathetically sad and nauseating. When is Taylor going to learn that no one finds her lanky bird body attractive, and that us Muslim men are more likely to imagine Taylor pecking at seeds then think of anything sexual when we see her bending over like this.

Yes Taylor Swift is clearly delusional if she thinks that she can whore her way into being a sex symbol with these photos. The only time seeing Taylor Swift bent over would cause my righteous tunic snake to grow rigid is if she were wearing an orange jumpsuit, and if there was a masked ISIS militant behind her with a sharped scimitar ready to permanently put this annoying old hen out to pasture.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift