Victoria Justice Naked For Her ‘Butt Plug’ Album Cover

Victoria Justice naked

As you can see in the photo above, Victoria Justice appears to pose naked for the cover of her new album, tentatively titled “Butt Plug”.

For months now Victoria Justice has been green with envy watching her rival and former Nickelodeon co-star Ariana Grande rocket to the top of the pop charts. So now that Victoria has stolen back some of the spotlight with her leaked nude cell phone pictures, it is the perfect time for her to reinvent her image by becoming an even more brazen whore.

Victoria Justice pink

Not only is Victoria Justice now apparently posing naked and singing about her love for anal sex toys, but she has transformed her style by adding streaks of color to her hair and wearing plastic hot pink welding aprons.

Victoria Justice pink

This new Victoria Justice look is certainly more edgy and depraved then her previous one, so it will surely be a big success with the degenerate infidel public. However, only time will tell if this will be enough to propel Victoria up to Ariana Grande’s level in terms of sales of crappy auto-tuned music.