Clemence Poesy Nude Scene From “Welcome to the Roses”

French actress Clemence Poesy is probably best known for playing “Fleur Delacour” in the Harry Potter movies, but before that a then 20-year-old Clemence performed in her first nude scene in the film “Welcome to the Roses” in the video above.

As you can see in this nude scene, Clemence Poesy terrifies your typical impotent and emasculated Frenchman by showing him her bare breasts while offering to butter his baguette. Not surprisingly this feeble French frog just stands their like a flaming homofag while Clemence’s tight body goes unviolated despite her desires.

With such pathetically weak and limp-dicked native men, is it any wonder that France has imported the largest population of immigrant Muslims in Europe? For who else is going to pound out women like Clemence Poesy’s eager moist lady crepes with manhoods the size of the Eiffel Tower, but us ruggedly masculine and incredibly virile Muslim men? Certainly French women would agree that the occasional terrorist attack and complete loss of French culture is a small price to pay in return.