“PressHeartToContinue” Dodger Sex Tape Video

Brooke Leigh Lawson who is better known as “PressHeartToContinue” or “Dodger” is a YouTube star, and she appears to have just had the sex tape video above released online.

Of course it certainly doesn’t surprise us pious Muslims to see a YouTube celebrity like Dodger engaging in these sorts of graphic sex acts in front of a camera, for just like mainstream celebrities (and infidel women in general) online stars are brazen exhibitionist whores.

Yes it takes a certain set of both mental and moral defects to seek fame in the heathen Western world, and so there is a direct correlation between a kuffar woman’s thirst for stardom and the amount of hardcore pornographic material she produces in her free time. Thus it is quite clear from this sex tape that Dodger has a great desire for the spotlight. No doubt if she releases more of her degenerate sexcapades she will gain many more depraved subscribers to her channel, and perhaps even begin to rival the foppish Swede king of YouTube PewDiePie himself.