Ivanka Trump Nip Slip Causes Surge In Polls

Ivanka Trump nip slip

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a few tricks up his sleeve, or rather up his daughter Ivanka Trump’s top, as the leaking of her full nip slip photo above has caused his poll numbers to surge.

Yes Donald’s “trump card” in this election is clearly his daughter Ivanka’s tit meat. Now that the American people are getting a good look at Ivanka’s puffy nipples (in photos like the one above and ones below) they are finally beginning to understand what it means to “make America great again” and they are liking it.

Ivanka Trump nipples

Despite Clinton fundraisers bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars more then Trump’s, Hillary has no answer for Ivanka’s full nip endorsement of her father, for Hillary’s own daughter Chelsea’s breasts are almost certainly hideous sad saggy sacks topped with cockeyed nipples that look like chewed up pieces of bubblegum.

Ivanka Trump nipples

There is no doubt now that Donald Trump is going to ride Ivanka’s bulbous boobies straight to the White House… and then ride them some more in the Lincoln bedroom once he is there as is his right as her father.