Ivanka Trump Nude Photos Scandal

Ivanka Trump nude

Just hours after giving a rousing speech introducing her father Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President of the United States, the photos above and below of Ivanka Trump nude were released online.

Ivanka Trump nude

Of course this nude photo scandal will only end up helping the Trump campaign, as the hopelessly depraved American populace will no doubt admire the poise of Ivanka’s perky tits and the graceful elegance of her pink lady lips.

Ivanka Trump facial

There is certainly no denying that Ivanka Trump exhibits remarkable class and dignity even while she is sporting an oozing facial like in the photo above. But will that be enough to get her father the votes he needs in November to defeat our beloved Hillary Clinton?

Let us pray to Allah that it is not, for if us righteous Muslims are no longer able to infiltrate the United States as refugees and con their leaders into supplying us with weapons in Syria, it will seriously cramp our Jihading… Besides I know at least a dozen Saudi sheiks that have purchased nights in the Lincoln Bedroom from Hillary, and they expect to collect.