McKayla Maroney And Bella Thorne Battle For Thirstiest Thot Title

Former US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney and former Disney star Bella Thorne are both known for being tremendous whores and for trying way too hard on social media… or as the Western youth today would say, for being “thirsty thots”.

But which thot is the thirstiest? As you can see from the video above of McKayla twirling around like spaz while showing off her bulbous round ass in a pair of tight jeans, if she has one more thing injected into (or on) her face she is going to turn into Michael Jackson.

Bella Thorne boobs

Not to be outdone, Bella Thorne once again almost shows her teen boobs while taking a braless Snapchat selfie in a see through tank top in the photo above.

McKayla Maroney black dress

McKayla responds to Bella’s challenge by posing in a little black dress with a lustfully smug expression on her face in the photo above.

Bella Thorne wet

However there can only be one queen attention whore, and Bella Thorne puts any doubt to rest that she is the top thot by posting the Snapchat selfie above with the caption “Looks wet”… Now that is thirsty!