Meg Turney Finally Gets Naked

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Cosplay model and gamer girl Meg Turney has finally stopped teasing her nerd basement dweller fanbase with photos like the ones above and videos like the one below, as she poses naked in the pictures below.

As you can see from the video above, Meg Turney has been talking about taking nude photos for years, but until now has only gone as far as to show deep cleavage and a hint of her nipples.

Meg Turney naked

However as you can see in the photo above and one below, Meg has finally taken it all off and shows her completely unremarkable nude body to the camera.

Meg Turney nude

Of course a normal person’s reaction to seeing Meg Turney naked is going to be “so what”, as she on her best day she is only average looking. But in the pathetic heathen subculture of hardcore video gamers this will no doubt cause quite a sensation. In fact, these sad mouth breathers will almost certainly be locked in their bedrooms with a case of Mountain Dew Code Red and an old gym sock for days on end, as they furiously fiddle with their tiny joysticks while looking at Meg’s frumpy nude body.