Sarah Paulson Nude Photo Shoot

Sarah Paulson nude

“American Horror Story” star Sarah Paulson is the thing of nightmares herself in the absolutely terrifying nude photo shoot below.


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Sarah Paulson Sarah Paulson Sarah Paulson

I know Halloween is fast approaching but Sarah Paulson showing off her ghoulish naked body is just too much, as these ghastly nude photos will now no doubt be haunting my dreams for weeks to come. To make matters worse not only is Sarah Paulson a brazen whore who flaunts her horrific nude flesh, but she is also a lesbodyke who is currently dating 74-year-old actress Holland Taylor.

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Yes if seeing Sarah Paulson naked didn’t frighten you, then the mental image of her licking off the Vagisil from the geriatric gash of her girlfriend surely will. In fact, if you are real quiet you can hear the eerie creaks of their bones as these two elderly lesbodqueers scissor together their dilapidated dangling piss flaps while their raspy voices emit guttural moans of pleasure.